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Ford Model A

1928 Ford Model AR 200.5-4cyl 103.5wb 1928 Ford Model A 200.5-4cyl 103.5wb 1929 Ford Model A 200.5-4cyl 103.5wb 1930 Ford Model A 200.5-4cyl 103.5wb 1931 Ford Model A 200.5-4cyl 103.5wb
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Hagen's Auto Parts would like to take this opportunity to welcome the Model A Ford Club of America to Puyallup, Washington, for its 2014 national convention. This convention is to be held at the Puyallup Fair Grounds between July 14th and 18th, 2014. Hagen's Auo Parts has been serving the Puyallup area with antique and rare auto parts since 1946 and would covet the opportunity to serve the members of the MAFCA. We are located within two miles of the fairgrounds at 1526 River Road, Puyallup WA.

The National Convention is sponsored by the Gallopin Gertie Model A Club, which will be conducting tours of locations like Fred's Garage along with other locations. Other great locations for tourism include the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, Mount Rainier and the Snoqualmie Falls.

Please take the time to visit Hagen's Auto Parts for all of your Model A needs.