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Our History

Hagens Auto Parts has been at the same location on the River Road in Puyallup Washington since 1945. The Hagen brothers, after WWII started a parts store and machine shop to service the needs of the Pacific Northwest. Over the years the business grew and was passed on to the next generation. Today the Company still provides parts and machine shop services for cars from 1900 to the present. Hagens Auto Parts deals in mechanical parts; engine, suspension, brakes, seals, tune-up parts etc. The shelves, in our 33,000 Square feet of buildings, are stuffed full. We carry parts for most makes and models, from AMC to Zephyrs. New-old stock to the latest reproduction can be found at Hagens Auto Parts.

The Fire

In 2009 we suffered a fire that claimed much of our building and inventory, and information.

Firefighter sraying water on Hagens Auto Parts

PUYALLUP, Wash. -- KING 5 NEWS- The fire began at the Hagens Auto Parts store in the 1500 block of River Road at about 3 a.m. Central Pierce Fire and Rescue said flames were shooting from the roof of the two-story building when they arrived. The building housed flammable and hazardous chemicals and the roof partially collapsed, making it too dangerous for firefighters to enter the building. Firefighters battled the blaze defensively, pouring water onto the flames from the outside. Freezing temperatures also added another degree of difficulty. As firefighters sprayed their water, it was freezing shortly after hitting the ground. "It didn't take long for this place to become a skating rink," said Matt. Public works came to firefighters' and sprayed a few doses of de-icer, which helped keep firefighters on their feet. Now employees like John Hodges are hoping the owners will get back on theirs. The auto parts store is a popular long time business in Puyallup. It sells older, hard to find auto parts. Fire crews estimate losses around $500,000. "I've been coming in here since 1973. When I was 19, I had a 1950 Ford," said Don Rakes, customer. When Rakes heard about the fire, he told his wife he had to go. "I said,' I'm going to Puyallup. Hagen's burned last night ' and she said, 'Oh my god, no,'" he said. So far, the cause of the fire is unknown. Engineers plan to inspect the building to determine whether it's safe for investigators to enter the building. There was no one inside the building when the fire started.


The rebuilding process was helped along by enormous community support and loyal customers. We held a garage sale in early 2010 and were amazed by the turnout.....

Hagens Auto Parts After Fire Sale

PUYALLUP, Wash. - KOMO 4 NEWS - Hundreds of classic car buffs rolled into Puyallup on Saturday to help save a business that keeps them on the road. Hagen's Auto Parts in Puyallup had a huge fire sale after a massive blaze destroyed most of the historic business in December. But the hundreds of car buffs who showed up for the sale on Saturday said they aren't going to let the fire destroy the hub of their community. "History - its' history," says Don Comstock, who came to the sale. "Everybody and their little brother that's needed something, and they go to the regular parts store, and they say that's not in our books any more. That's obsolete." For 64 years, Hagen's was the only place to get an old Pontiac engine, 40-year-old taillights or a radiator cover for your vintage Chevy. "This place obviously is a legend around here because they have everything," says Bruce Heikkenen.

Debris from Hagens Auto Parts fire

Old TV spots once advertised, "Hagen's, Hagen's, Hagen's. ... With over 18,000 square feet of auto parts we have it when you need it." And the store didn't just serve the Puget Sound ara - it had developed a nationwide following. "I saw telegrams and phone calls all the way from North Carolina," says Tom Omli of Hagen's Auto Parts. Employees at Hagen's are used to helping find parts for their customers. But on Saturday the tables were turned. "The thing that we lost wasn't necessarily the metal parts because the parts stayed on the shelf, but the boxes burned," says Omli. "They can recognize the parts better than we can because it's their car." Comstock says this might have been his last chance to get his hands on some of these old parts. "Old stuff is old stuff, and when it's gone it's gone," he says. But Hagen's loyal customers won't let that happen to their favorite store. The owner of Hagen's plans to reopen but they don't know yet when the new building will be finished.


Today we are still selling mechanical parts for domestic passenger cars & light trucks Pre-1970. While most of our sales are internet based; we still maintain a brick and mortar storefront for our local destination based customers.

Stainless Steel Cylinder Sleeving

Stainless Steel Master Cylinder

Moisture, contamination and electrolysis can deteriorate and pit your brake and clutch hydraulic cylinders, causing leakage and failure. With the seal to wall tolerance being quite small in most cases, we have found that even light honing can take a worn cylinder wall out of specs. This can leave you with a cylinder that is no longer rebuild-able using the standard hone and re-kit method. This can be a difficult position to be in if you have a rare, antique, industrial, or unusual cylinder that is no longer available new.

Master Cylinder

We have your solution! With our premium seamless stainless steel sleeving process, your cylinders can be returned to better than new condition. With stainless sleeving there is no worry of turning your brake fluid green from brass tarnishing. The much harder surface of stainless will not trench from the constant piston motion of the operating cylinders like brass does. Stainless steel offers a permanent fix to the metal fatigue suffered by softer metals. This cost effective method can often be less than the cost of the original cylinder. We offer competitive Rates and turn around times.

We Make DOT Rated Brake Hoses

Assorted brake hoses

We manufacture certified D.O.T. rated custom fabricated brake and clutch hose assemblies. We can make hoses for most early domestic brake or clutch applications including passenger car, light and medium duty trucks, industrial, & custom applications. Each fitting copies OEM design which makes the hose fit the application correctly and legally. Fitting joint support feature allows the hose to last substantially longer. Materials used allow for high temperature operation. Every hose is tested at 3000 psi. No adapters necessary, thus avoiding another opportunity for leakage. Our superior weather resistant rubber will resist harsh conditions and is compatible with DOT 3, DOT 4, and most non-petroleum based brake fluids.