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How To Order

-Catalog Lookup
Select a Year,
Select a Make,
Select a Model,
Select a Category

-Lookup Results
The page will display columns with Part Names, Descriptions, Part Numbers, Prices, Quantity Required per vehicle, Core Value (if any), Picture (optional), Information (optional) and an Add to Stock Check Button and check box.

You have 2 options in selecting the items you need, either click the "ADD" button, this will add the single item to your cart, or use the check box next to the "ADD" button, for multiple items and use the "Add Selected" button at the bottom of the page to add the selected group.

The quantity required field lists the qty suggested for your application (i.e.: 2 Brake Shoes) and will be automatically added to your cart in that quantity (which can be updated later at your discretion.)

To View your want list, click the "View Cart" button or "Cart" Icon to see the list of the items you have added to your check stock Cart.

The Shopping Cart allows you to edit quantities and update, remove line items, empty cart, continue shopping and Check Out.

You can continue shopping for other car models, or part categories. Your cart will remain while you navigate through the site. By clicking on the options field in a line item you will return to same catalog page.

Once you are done shopping and are viewing your cart, you can "Check Out".

Input your Billing information (Your billing address must match your credit card statement mailing address).

Input Shipping information (A same as billing address check box is available).

A "Comments" box is provided for any additional Questions, Information, Specifications or concerns you may want to express.

When you are satisfied with your order, click the "Process" button to finalize.

An email acknowledging your order will be sent upon receipt.

We will contact you with payment instructions as soon as inventory quantity and shipping cost is verified.
Difficult orders, please allow up to 2 business days for verification.

Upon payment conformation your order will be shipped, and a notification email, with tracking information, sent to you.

We hope we have made your shopping experience convenient.