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Hagen's Hiway Auto Parts, Inc. has been at the same location on the River Road in Puyallup Washington since 1945. The Hagen brothers, after WWII started a parts store and machine shop to service the needs of the Pacific Northwest. Over the years the business grew and was passed on to the next generation. Today the Company still provides parts and machine shop services for cars from 1900 to the present. Hagens Auto Parts deals in mechanical parts; engine, suspension, brakes, seals, tune-up parts etc. The shelves, in our 33,000 Square feet of buildings, are stuffed full. We carry parts for most makes and models, from AMC to Zephyrs. New-old stock to the latest reproduction can be found at Hagen's Hiway Auto Parts, Inc.

We stainless steel sleeve most hydraulic cylinders!

Moisture, contamination and electrolosis can deteriorate and pit your brake and clutch hydraulic cylinders, causing leakage and failure. With the seal to wall tolerance being quite small in most cases, we have found that even light honing can take a worn cylinder wall out of specs. This can leave you with a cylinder that is no longer rebuildable using the standard hone and re-kit method. This can be a difficult position to be in if you have a rare, antique, industrial, or unusual cylinder that is no longer available new.

We have your solution! With our premium seamless stainless steel sleeving process, your cylinders can be returned to better than new condition. With stainless sleeving there is no worry of turning your brake fluid green from brass tarnishing. The much harder surface of stainless will not trench from the constant piston motion of the operating cylinders like brass does. Stainless steel offers a permanent fix to the metal fatigue suffered by softer metals. This cost effective method can often be less than the cost of the original cylinder. We offer compeditive Rates and turn around times.


If the mechanical part, to start your car, drive down the road or stop, is not listed or you have questions, E-mail us at or FAX us at 253-841-1904.


A Core is your old part that we must have in exchange when you buy certain new or rebuilt parts. The cores we receive must be rebuildable to our standards to be eligible for a core deposit refund. Unacceptable core returns include and are not limited to; broken or cracked castings, bleeder screws broken in casting, stripped threads, un-drained cylinders, and units that have already been sleeved. If your core is non-rebuildable or incomplete you will be notified via phone or email that NO core deposit will be refunded. Unacceptable cores will be scrapped after 30 days unless arrangements are made for return shipping.

Hydraulic fluids are considered hazardous by many shipping companies and need to be completely drained from your core return. Leakage of hazardous substances could result in fines, penalties, and other claims levied against the shipper by the carrier. Brake fluid will also erase all text that it makes contact with on your return form resulting in delays or LOSS of your core refund. Environmental hazard fees may apply on cores received un-drained. PROTECT YOUR CORE REFUND, PREPARE AND PACKAGE YOUR RETURN PROPERLY!

Cores must be returned to us within 30 days, shipping prepaid. Cores shipped C.O.D. will not be accepted. No credit will be issued for non-rebuildable or incomplete cores.

You may also send us your cores in advance of your purchase if you prefer. Upon receiving your cores, we will determine if they are rebuildable or not. If they are rebuildable cores, we will email you back a redemption code to use during checkout that will negate the core charge for the items received. If the cores are non-rebuildable, the above non-rebuildable policy applies.

As with ALL returns, the proper form MUST be filled out correctly with detailed contact information. Return forms MUST be in the same packaging as the items returned. For more information or questions, email or call 253-845-7020



Payment must be in US Funds. We accept VISA, MASTER CARD, PAY PAL, Money orders, Cashier's checks, and Personal checks accepted. Please allow up to 4 weeks minimum shipping, for your check to clear. Washington State residents add sales tax to the invoice total.


We make every effort to ship orders within 48 hours of receipt. Downloads are immediately available upon purchase. We ship via UPS or USPS. If UPS or USPS are not available in your area, or you need special shipping arrangments made, please email us at We will do all that we can to meet your needs. If you have any questions or special request please email us at Oversize orders must be shipped motor freight shipping collect.

You MUST contact us for an Authorization Number (RGA) before returning any merchandise. We allow returns on most stocked items within 30 days of shipment, subject to a 15% restocking charge on ALL returns. We do not allow returns on electrical parts, special orders or custom-machined parts. Installed, miss-used or altered products are not returnable. Shipping costs in either direction are not refundable.


Inspect your parts immediately upon receipt. Shortages must be reported to Hagen's Hiway Auto Parts, Inc. within 48 hours of receipt of order. If you should receive parts that are broken or missing due to damaged packaging, contact the carrier (i.e., UPS or freight line) and they will process your claim. Always have your receipt or invoice number when reporting or referring to any shipment.


All parts are subject to availability. Prices are subject to change without notice


Upon receiving your shipment, you are to inspect and verify suitability and condition of all products. If not satisfied immediately contact Hagen's Hiway Auto Parts, Inc. within 48 hours for return authorization. Most parts are fully warranted against defects in material and workmanship by the original manufacturer or Hagen's Hiway Auto Parts, Inc. for a period of 90 days, (longer in some cases). The warranty does not cover failure of a product as a result of misuse, incorrect installation, or failure of other related parts, nor would the liability of Hagen's Hiway Auto Parts, Inc. exceed the cost of the original component. All implied warranties of merchantability and figures for a particular use are hereby disclaimed. Hagen's Hiway Auto Parts, Inc. shall not be liable under any circumstances for consequential or incidental damages. Seller's liability for breach of warranty hereunder is limited solely to the replacement, repair or refund as the case may be.
There is no warranty or allowed returns for electrical components, books manuals, special ordered, machined parts or tools. Used items are similarly covered but they can only be exchanged for similar used parts or for credit.